Tough gig being CEO…

CEO’s and the likes have it tough and it is time that we properly recognised their troubles.

Having to lead in times of economic, geopolitical and social uncertainty is difficult enough, but to maintaining composure whilst keeping the increasingly confused and anxious troops calm is a tall order, now that it is so evidently clear that the corporate globalisation game is on its last legs as it is being robotised by software at an amazing pace.

What about the continuous juggle of conflicting interests of employees, customers and stakeholders when trust has eroded all round… Especially to try and challenge the obsolete experience of some of the more ferocious members on the Board who have no clue of which iceberg the Titanic is setting sail into next.

In times when inflatable politicians encroach into living rooms just before Bachelors and Masterchefs – with delusional importance as they verbally combat each other in the hallways of some old building in an unpleasant town while the rest of the nation is educating themselves on YouTube and signing up to the blockchain to legally reduce their tax footprint.

CEO’s gotta have superpowers to survive these days, let alone inspire their employees, customers and shareholders.

The question is whether we should really continue to care about competing for shareholder value and about earnings growth, really…?

Perhaps if more CEO’s came up to Noosa for a little while, things would be seen more clearly… Perhaps ONE corporate CEO would be able to inspire us with a vision that matters to us, that we connect with and that we can believe in.

Just ONE?




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