The art of strategy

As the business world is becoming more uncertain by the day, where systemic changes can occur overnight, it is important to disrupt traditional methods of strategic development.

Gone are the days that the highly orchestrated, annual offsite strategy weekend produces the required level of product innovation or industry disruption.

The really big ideas were created in a totally different light. They often come from industry outsiders and tend to originate from people with a particularly large reality distortion field, people who can completely ignore ‘how we’ve always done things’.

Strategic planning truly is a form of art, a creative process that is quite atypical from textbook business administration. To run a quality strategy process, one cannot rely on insiders alone. It pays to bring in a positive deviant, an optimistic disturber of the status quo, someone who can see the future clearly.

But where do you find such unicorn?

Try #noosa.

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