The art of corporate reporting

No matter how much data your organisation collects, processes and publishes, it is quite easy to be looking at the all the wrong indicators to use for decision making.

As both consumer and employee loyalty are increasingly emotive aspects in business, traditional tangible metrics such as financials are rapidly decreasing in value. Coupled with that, intangible measures are traditionally much harder to quantify and make sense of. Another major limitation of information, is that it is typically only available for the past, whereas decisions are made to influence the future. Many organisations are challenged to formulate and monitor true lead indicators that help them guide.

This is where the art of corporate reporting comes into play. Like with any art, this competence takes a unique approach, starting with a clean slate and pushes the boundaries from the viewpoint of the audience. For the embedded teams in organisations, it can be tricky and sometimes impossible to influence the standard reports management requires.

More often than not, the need for organisations to innovate does not extend to their corporate reporting environment until very late in the game. We believe there is a good argument to turn this on its head, and to start asking better questions upfront about what the organisation needs to know today, to ensure prosperity – or sometimes survival – in the future before the pencil hits the canvas.

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