Pre- Post-internet

The world is changing so fast, few have time left to breathe or to consider how to engage with life.

What is clear is that some global mega trends have been set in motion, courtesy of tech innovation. Who can still imagine life without an interconnected smartphone? All of us have one, and it has really only been just a few years.

We’ve seen an explosion of applications, a global embrace of social media, we’ve seen Uber’s and Airbnb’s disrupt global industries, all based on a few new ideas translated into bits and bytes, costing nothing to string together.

In decades to come, people will refer to this era as a matter of distinction much like the beginning of times. They will refer to the pre- and post-internet age due to the magnitude of the shift in human evolution the internet has brought upon us.

What’s curious, is that this moment in time also appears to be separating the human species between dinosaurs and hipsters.

Global corporations and the majority of their executives still treat the digital age as a fad, or an afterthought at best. They should know better as they are increasingly defenceless against the next new idea.

CEO’s of listed corporations or public authorities are largely still MIA online, either on personal blogs, on twitter or LinkedIn as ignorant as if they don’t exist or don’t matter. So, when it comes to their leadership skills and how they ‘lead’ their ‘followers’ into an uncertain future, I wonder how they could possibly rate themselves, given they have no followers. Yet it is highly likely, that even their own children have long left Facebook in favour of Snapchat, Kik and Periscope.

Dear Hipsters, have no fear because the game is fast changing in your favour. Corporations are on the way out. If it wasn’t for central banksters speed-printing fiat currency, and if it wasn’t for incompetent incumbent governments in-fighting as if they pretend to care, Wall Street would be tanking! The fundamentals upon which that game was built are now shaking 9.0 on Richter’s scale. Of course your news channel won’t be reporting this, but just have a quick look for yourself what has happened to US sovereign debt, since a debt problem created the GFC in 2008.

Hopefully the transition to a new brighter world remains orderly and I look forward to continue working with you on the other side.

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