Looking down on people

Once upon a time when I was younger and wiser, I used to look up to people. Particularly the kind of people that were rich and powerful, or certain professionals with impressive career achievements used to attract my admiration. It was a bit of an obsession really, but I was just curious how they ‘rolled’ and it all seemed pretty mild and healthy at the time.

Unfortunately, my admiration turned out to be just fugazi and I wish I woke up earlier…

Today, I believe experience can be a rather dangerous proposition. It tends to confuse people, in some cases even corrupt them and make them delusional as if they ‘know’ things. As things just keeps changing faster and faster, it appears that many people with ‘experience’ are male and some like to congregate in numbers our executive suites, boardrooms and parliaments. Frankly and respectfully, I’m starting to think of experience as a liability, rather than an asset.

As the saying goes, there is no fool like an old fool!

Some ‘experienced leaders’, are the kind of people others are supposedly expected to be ‘following’ and buy products and services from. But herein lies a case of mistaken identity can be confusing, particularly if we observe what garners success on social media channels. Here the ‘experienced leaders’ are largely missing in action, yet inexperienced hipsters are being followed by the masses in what is an interesting and disruptive twist of society.

Over the past years I have spent time exploring what made Steve Jobs truly successful through using positive deviance. Steve inspired us to only perform work we love and to stay hungry and foolish. He leveraged old images of Ghandi, Mandela and John Lennon to ‘target market’ us and told us to disrespect the status quo and to grow a healthy disregard for ‘the rules’.

And so I did…

For a while now, I have been following a different set of leaders. My leaders are very clear about their future dreams and goals, they communicate with me in straight language leaving no doubt about the clarity of their vision, their strategic intent and their core values. I diligently complete all of their surveys not matter how futile and I make sure I’m never late for my meetings with them. They have earned my trust years ago and they have never missed a beat since!

When all is said and done, I hold nothing but the highest regard and respect for them. It is a bit like an unconditional love that is only getting deeper with age like a fine wine.

My leaders are both female, they are no older than ten years of age and boy am I grateful they live in my house. It’s just that I’m taller, that I tend to look down on them occasionally, but that’s entirely my mistake of course…

Perhaps it is selfish, but I just wish they never grow up!

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