Delusional incompetence

Those are the options, there doesn’t seem to be much middle ground. As a leader you need to make a choice just to be fair to your followers, whether you lead a family, a company or an entire nation.

Either you admit you don’t know what to do anymore, or that you continue to reign control as you hide the fact that you are merely carelessly serving yourself, saving skin whilst guiding your tribe like deer into headlights…

Just watch the news and note this is what the Fed does to investors, its what governments do to voters and sadly its what many parents do to their children. Back in 2007, no leader told us about the GFC before it arrived. And boy, how did they all panic either with delusional predictions, or in total incompetence how things got handled.

At least now in 2016, we can run a FRED chart to see that US Federal Debt doubled since then, and we can google how many countries have resorted to negative interest rates to try and keep their games alive. And of course we can see scrambling interest groups of anarcho capitalists, gold bugs, crypto currency developers and psychedelic drugs shamans rise to unseen levels of attention and interest.

See, the internet has changed things around more than you think, well beyond most people’s imagination.

Thankfully, younger generations are starting to wake up to the fact that universities are largely overrated, that no career has ever made any executive truly happy, that you don’t have to own toys in order to play with them and that it pays to remain a globetrotting anarchist for as long as you can hack it.

Personally, I confess incompetence, no idea how the next few years are going to play out but I watch the show from the sidelines with interest as the dinosaurs are battling each other with inertia towards their inevitable extinction, while they put all their ‘assets’ at risk.

It’s the unicorns who set the pace of momentum in the digital revolution as humanity is flowering into enlightenment.


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