Get your cause on

imageAs the world evolves at an ever increasing pace, with ‘smart’ technology disrupting practically everything on your life’s path we must not overlook why all this is happening…

Just because we can, is not a reason why we should. That remains a deeply personal choice.
As we become more equally capable social individuals online, we must remember many are still deeply divided offline.

Entire Nations and their governments are divided and in-fighting, Corporations are divided and competing for dollars, individuals are competing for beliefs, fame, status and material wealth. Most upsetting to me, is that children are being divided at birth, based on gender, location, religion, family prosperity and through poor education systems and lacking leadership.

If you get a chance today inbetween whatever divides your from your next colleague, competitor, neighbour or co-parent please take a moment to reflect on your cause and how it unites you. If in business with other people, why maintain relationships beyond need for money? While you’re at it, ask yourself why your dog is better at this notion of unconditional love than you are…

What is the number one cause in your life? How well does it integrate with your loved ones? What are you willing to do, to be a better person upon rebirth tomorrow morning?

Best of luck, we need it!

Expand your aperture

apertIn professional photography aperture is the term used for the amount of light that is allowed to hit the image sensor of a camera. Proper control of aperture allows for focus on either a finite specific detail with surroundings somewhat blurred or alternatively a comprehensive image capturing a larger environment clearly.

The photograpic analogy applies in certain areas of your life as well. Sometimes your interest zooms in on a specific topic, result, location or interest, whereas other times you may be intrigued by something you stumbled upon which is way outside your typical field of interest.

Successful people have learned how to operate their aperture to make the most of an opportunity and take a perfect shot. They know when they require relentless focus but they are equally able to let more sunlight in when the brain needs the extra stimulation to come up with the next big idea taking them forward.

If you are a leader or manager in a business, one of your most important tasks at work is to recruit the right talent on your team. People who are going to deliver on your strategies to realise your vision. In many of the organisations I have come across, hiring managers shoot with too narrow an aperture. They zoom in on the specifics of a role and hire to recruit the candidate who most closely matches the job spec, the one who feels ‘safe’. They look at where people have been, rather than to where they think they are going.

What this dangerous practise ignores, is that hiring to spec will only ever give you spec and that spec is synonymous with the boring mediocrity of the past which is a fast track race to the bottom where your certain death awaits as the prize.

Leaders, do us a favour and up your aperture game.

Time to upgrade your spam filter

imagesAs media channels become more prolific, responsive and volatile the advertising and marketing dollars locked up in the system are on the move. Funds are not so much upgrading or downsizing, but rather relocating from old to new forms of media in a trial and error like fashion.

TV advertising is still rather big, but advertisers are well aware of PVR’s and that viewer’s attention span is fast approaching that of a termite on viagra. We are becoming less and less tolerant of interruptions into the busy lives we keep telling ourselves to have.
The Newspaper industry is consolidating with ever fewer print media sold as news, gossip, glossy pictures and drama is delivered instantly to our so called ‘smartphones’.

Looking back, the unprecedented transformation appears to have happened overnight which makes speculation about tomorrow almost impossible, rendering humankind out of control with a very convenient excuse. A G20 talkfest won’t get us out of this mess, a G1 with the mirror just might.

Endless opinions from self promoted experienced subject matter guru’s are crunched into a seeming consensus that evolutionary change continues to get cheaper, faster & better and that there is no end to economic growth.

At risk of following this herd, I proclaim that it is time to upgrade your spam filters to read the signals through the noise and to get informed by not absorbing any information at all.

Social media, big data, cloud computing, singularity etc etc – at the end of the day there is always another day and all the fugazi spin the experts have you believe will only have you going more insane than you already know you are…

Keep it real, remember you were born equal once.

Nobody’s happy

oeno-96-bottle-shotWe are living in incredible times with extraordinary human achievements, yet not many people are truly feeling happy.

In my view the problem is that we have deluded ourselves about the concept of happiness and that massive corrective action is required if we are going to avoid a global pandemic of drama, stress and ensuing medical problems.

The old school of thought made happiness into a performance agreement. If you did as you were told at school, at work, in life in general, you would learn and grow over time, get promotions, be healthy and able to start a family, buy a house, retire at 65 and die from a fulfilling, but rather average life, never really achieving that elusive happy feeling. Then the media addicted us to live bigger, faster, sexier, more luxurious and travel the world in a super yacht.

Based on the old deal, 99% of humans continue to chase their tails because whenever they are close to feeling happy, the goal posts shift to start over again. Happiness has become a delusional fleeting moment in which you get to taste a glimpse of heaven, but are not allowed to hang around for too long.

I call on you to follow a different path, to start a new addiction and to immediately embrace alcoholism, responsibly of course. Don’t be tempted to drink, or self medicate to drown your sorrows, but instead drink to celebrate your daily rebirths. Sounds pretty crazy…? I think its common sense genius, that needs to be turned into a common routine or daily actions.

A piccolo (small glass) of the finest champagne you can afford just as you wake up, will change your life forever. Take a moment each day to give thanks to your awakening, to reflect briefly on three things you are grateful for, write them down along with some small positive goals for you to achieve for the new day. Whether these are related to health, exercise, relationships, career, finances or any other dreams, just go for your life. The next day you hold yourself accountable against yesterday’s list and your journey of continuous improvement hast started!

After just 21 days or about 5 bottles, your happiness levels are improved which in turn will rub off on your environment, boost your confidence and guarantee your success.

Works for me, but feel free to ignore at your peril.



Levelling the field

softball-348659_1280This may be hard to believe, but all over the world the playing field is levelling out at an impressive pace.

With more and more services coming online at zero marginal cost or even free, opportunities are being created to experience a new kind of wealth. Capitalist greed is increasingly being frowned upon in favour of empathic and charitable creativity.

Crowd platforms are proliferating like mushrooms giving the world back to its people. Equality and sharing for good is being re-introduced as the new wealth where the noblest of all win the race.

It’s the tall poppy syndrome going global as it is now transparent to the world that for every individual to rise to either wealth or power, people would have had to make questionable choices along the way, choices that go against the very values they claim to stand for. The biggest challenge for any individual leader, is to ensure that actions remain congruent with words and to show unity to sustainable goals. Because old school democracy divided us between parties and characters, only temporary and partial trust will ever be achieved. Surely we cannot carry on like that!

Take a look at and realise that technology is fast overtaking the ‘old world’ system of government. The notion of Causes is not far away from the ability to form a global government in which no parties or individuals survive… With appropriate security, it could morph into a: ‘one person, one vote’ system in which global democracy can be formed. No more divisions, no more campaign fundraising, no more corruption, no more war! Imagine what we could achieve together if we truly united…

It is leadership upside down, where you lead and we follow.

It’s a truly level playing field.


Noosa’s positive energy transduction

origin_807561379 Viruses spread invisibly like wildfire. Some are so potently contagious that entire countries are cordoned off and medical staff put their lives at risk to treat the affected and contain further outbreaks.

The current Ebola situation in West Africa is an immensely sad and all too horrific reminder of the destructive forces of bad viruses which again has the world on edge as popular media is fuelling the fear…

To counter all this increasing fear and negativity, you have the opportunity to start your very own positivity virus today, set a reverse tornado of positive energy in motion that will grow and snowball universally, nurturing and developing everything on its path with an exponential force.

It’s the virus of positive energy transduction from one human to the next based on a simple smile and a random act of kindness. Highly attractive, addictive and contagious but also undisputedly successful and venerable.

It is how we roll up here in Noosa, earth’s most beautiful stress free zone, the undisputed life style capital of the world Closer to the Sun, where you need a hat, but can leave your shoes at home. A unique place where no excuse survives to sustain a persons drama or misery.

Today, you are encouraged to let your guard down and not take yourself too seriously, provide a favour to any random fellow earthling you meet on the street, put on a genuine smile and record on your iPhone how that made you feel. Repeat next day, et voila a viral happiness revolution is born.

If not for yourself, do it for the poor children dying in Africa.

inspired …

0003Some people are more inspired than others. Some hold beliefs, others only rely on facts. Some read and debate, others consume reality TV. It is all good, until there is disagreement.

It is not long before all data is analysed, no disagreement can survive; until a single computer becomes more intelligent than humankind. Let’s not argue over whether Ray Kurzweil is right or wrong, more importantly for the human species is that we need to get beyond singularity, fast.

We need the next big thing. If you have it, stand up and paddle into the Sun with me right now. We are running out of time!

Passionate enlightened leadership is what we need. It can be found in Noosa, organically closer to the Sun.

Big data is dead

big dataAs most of the IT industry is still selling the dream of Big Data to unsuspecting corporations, I believe it is time to move on. The returns on big data investments are highly questionable as this latest IT hype with inflated expectations only accelerates the global race to the bottom. Yes, improved analytics will allow more targeted marketing, and yes it may also diagnose patients better and faster. Like we are holding on for dear life to extend the lifecycle of failing concepts and systems, big data is no solution to anything, it is merely a patch to treat our temporary symptoms.

So why do people bother with this transparently defensive phenomenon? Well, it just means they haven’t come up with a better idea and if they did, they will continue to find that these better ideas go contrary to their organisations strategy, wether it is a business or a government entity. To go against the perpetuating human insanity still appears to be a career limiting predicament which in turn feels like an attack against most people’s mind made ego. The survival of the amygdala takes over all too soon.

A more useful approach is to contemplate the world beyond big data… Once we wake up from a massive hangover of the information age, where the signals are deeply hidden in explosively growing noise, we need to look to those who have developed the art of not needing data.

Their consciousness will rise to extraordinary levels such that no information is required, they don’t even need to think to make decisions.

In the No Data world decisions will come from the heart.

Education, the healthiest diet option

No matter how big your school is or where it is located, it is sound advise to invest in yourself by making a lifelong commitment to learning. Through the expansion of your insights into either a wide range of matters or deep into a specific field, you ensure the continuous exercise and expansion of your brain which will pay you lifetime dividends.

I’m not kidding about the diet either because the brain actually consumes substantially more energy than its relative size of the human body suggests.

Of course, the worlds best ideas were conceived by the brains of creatively intelligent artists and us mortals marvel at the amazing feats of the arts, architecture and technological innovation.

Many are blessed to live in times where education has become available at our fingertips on the web. Conversely, it also comes with the huge responsibility to apply our learnings in a more intelligent way than we ever have.

Steve Jobs is credited with being genius because he was crazy enough to think he could change the world. Fact is, we are all equally – if not more – capably to model ourselves after Steve, just by studying his life, his decisions, his failures and most of all his passion. Steve was passionate about moving the human race forward.

I think we can put something on that and continue Steve’s jobs in his honour. Let’s not just change the world, let’s reinvent it! Let’s not just look after the human race, but lets ensure the sustainability of the animal kingdom and the environment as well. Tall order – maybe – but sitting still is no excuse.

Ironically, to be successful at reinventing the world we need to start taxing profitable corporations such as Apple and shame them into greatness to make greater contributions to end the hypocrisy of their shareholders.

After all, to move the human race forward, we need to look to our children and realise they are born as equals and should not be raised to chase wealth.

As we all face death together, life’s change agent reminds us what’s important in life. Let’s make our beloved children proud before we spoil them.

Steve never was in it for the money, and that is a fact.