About your performance …

Dear CEO

We need to have a frank conversation about your failing leadership.

You are clearly not growing the business fast enough, profitability is poor and most importantly, your ability to engage your workforce is well below our expectations. It is as if your people have lost faith in your ability to explain how the corporate vision aligns with their lives. You used to call them your ‘most important asset’.

You are investing in continuous improvement, your automating repetitive tasks with clever software, self serve portals and you have automated and outsourced call centres and accountants overseas. Additionally, you still waste bucket loads of money on blanket advertising on television and in print media in the knowledge it no longer works. Your website is too busy, too complicated and you are missing in action on social media.

As an employee here, I wonder what you really do for me, long term? You are not adequately developing my skills, you seem disinterested in my quest for independence, I’m getting the feeling you leading me to a future I don’t want a part of. As the culture here becomes more toxic, I wonder if you really care at all?

The bottom line dear CEO is, you fail to inspire anyone around you and you’ve become so predictable, we might as well replace you with a robot.

You’ve got 3 months, or else…

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